EC Electro Center Oy is part of the EC-Yhtiöt corporation. The corporation also includes Murri Oy, and Electro Center Oü which is based in Estonia. EC Electro Center Oy is owned by key employees in management, sales and production, making our bureaucracy efficient and enables us to make the right decisions. Our company manufactures electric and automation solutions for industrial, machinery and equipment manufacturers, as well as for power contractors. Our range of products consists of switchgears, control panels, automation centers, as well as e-house solutions. Our business also includes logistic services for electric components and electric component sales.

Our factory in Tampere employs ~85 people.

The company’s turnover was 15,5 million € in 2017.


EC Electro Center Oy’s history dates back the 90s. Pirkan MS-Kojeisto continued Maansähkö Oy Tampere’s action, including switchgear, control panel production and component resales. In the beginning of 2000s the business expanded to providing logistic services.

The business showed continuous strong growth, resulting to TAS-Kojeisto Oy joining the corporation in 2003. In the beginning of 2014 Pirkan MS-Kojeisto Oy and TAS-Kojeisto Oy were fused together, forming EC Electro Center Oy.